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Knucklemania IV in Los Angeles is just around the corner and excitement is building for the co-main event where Mick Terrill will defend his title against BKFC’s Pound for Pound #1 Lorenzo “The Juggernaut” Hunt. Here is a flashback to their heated first press conference. This is what Lorenzo Hunt had to say: “Anybody, anywhere in the world that stands in there with me is in more trouble than they have ever been in their life. And it’s been proven. I have the most knockouts in BKFC, I have the most wins in BKFC. The only reason you got that belt is because they gave you the shot before they gave it to me.” Mick Terrill quickly fired back: “I think I have got more knockouts than you actually. I have had ten bare knuckle fights, I have stopped eight. I’m not being funny, when you get put on the back foot, I’m going to punch you very very hard.”

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