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#knucklemania3 – Kevin Croom On Stopping Chevvy Bridges In Round 1 Right-Left KO – #bareknucklenews

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In breaking down his performance in the lightweight fight, Kevin Croom says, “I’m really good with the two three. I just hit him with the straight right hand and step through with that three, easy work, baby, let’s go.”

While he is relatively new to BKFC, Croom has over 40 MMA fights. Croom’s take on his bare knuckle experience: “I found a really good style. My fighting style just translates really well in bare knuckle. And, I have all the experience in the world and it’s really nice to find my niche, you know, like it’s my home. I’m going to be a bare knuckle champion.”

Who does Croom want to fight next? He says, “It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just going to keep knocking people down”

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