Lee Spencer’s Domination: Knocking Out Dom Wilkinson 3 Times at #byb18

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Lee Spencer knocked Dom Wilkinson out three times in a dominant display en route to a first round stoppage victory:

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Lee had a first-round knockout victory, and explained that he knew he would win because of his punching power and observed his opponent’s body language.

“I knew it was coming. I see. From the body language of him, I knew he’d be a tough player, but I punched, you know, for the weight that I’m at. 69kg. I punch like a middleweight. And and I’ve always known it. And without gloves on, I knew it was going to be a good night”

Lee connected with a jab, which he said he had been working on, as it was the first punch of the fight. His game plan was to be sharp and start fast.

Lee sees his biggest strength as his left hooks, right hooks, and jabs, feeling strong all-round.

“This is my debut, so I wasn’t fighting another American. I was fighting another English boy. I’m kind of like the undercard of the team, you know? But I said to Jim, I’m on the undercard for this one. I said, We’ll see what happens for the next one. And he might put me in the next team.

At 41 years old, Lee hopes to become a champion and can’t wait to get back in the squared circle

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