Michael Page can ‘100 percent’ see himself in the UFC, but still testing free agency

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Michael Page still has yet to find a home for his fighting future.

The former two-time Bellator title challenger revealed he had fought out his contract with the promotion in July, and since has been exploring the free agent market of MMA. Page (21-2) is not opposed to re-sign with Bellator, where he mainly built his name, but said he can see himself fighting for the competition.

“The UFC is a brand that I already pictured myself being in, simply because when I joined MMA, that was the main thing,” Page said on FREESTYLEBENDER. “There were very few other shows that existed, and even the shows that existed, they were very small comparatively, so that was the goal.

“Obviously, times have changed and there’s’s a lot of big shows out there kind of competing. Can I see myself there? Yes. There’s a lot of fights that can be made that can be exceptional, yes. But like I said, it’s whoever ticks the most boxes. There’s still a lot I need to consider before I go over there, but the deal is not made yet. But can I see myself there? 100 percent.”

Page, 36, likes the type of matchups that could present themselves with a move to the UFC. However, despite his long tenure in Bellator, he also sees a few fights there that interest him.

Either way, his decision to sign with a promotion will go beyond the type of fights available.

“There’s multiple area in this game that as an athlete we need to think about,” Page explained. “It’s not just the fighting, it’s the marketing side, our pockets, our finance, making it easy for us to focus on training it’s massively important for us to get better at our craft. So there are a few different things.

“Whoever can tick the most boxes, that’s where I’ll end up. I don’t want top be another guy hat signs with another organization or stays in the same place, and I’m complaining about money. I’m complaining about this. I just want to go to an organization and just be the best me.”

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