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Midnight Mania! Fight Circus Champion To Receive ‘Real Life Adult Love Doll’


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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

If you’ve ever wanted to f*ck a fighter but don’t have the maniacal power of a big-time promotion or the financial abilities to support a broke athlete (açaí bowls are expensive!), this is your chance!

Fight Circus, the CamSoda sponsored martial arts promotion, is no stranger to the bizarre. This is the event that has featured two-on-one MMA, as well as massive size discrepancies and all sorts of weird, bare knuckle-y rule sets. However, their new prize has reached so far above their previous bar for weirdness that it is truly groundbreaking.

Per a post from Fight Circus (h/t Reddit user /u/GuyBrush_Fandango), the victor of their new title at their upcoming Fight Circus 3 event will receive “a real life adult love doll and/or exact human replicate made of them.”


“At FC3 [Fight Circus 3] the inferno championship is happening. Where not only will the winning fighter take home fame and fortune. But!! They will also be able to take themselves home. And make love to themselves. For the rest of their lives …

“The winner of our Inferno Official Championship will have a real life adult love doll and/or exact replica human made of them. No joke … The winner will be replicated. And his doll will be sold around the globe to the billions of Fight Circus fans, allowing him to take home huge profits from every sale.”

Fight Circus 3 is set to go down on June 19, 2021. Currently, the card features two-on-one MMA, “human cock fighting,” Indian leg wrestling, a phone booth fight, and Bob Sapp.

The full card (I think?) can be viewed HERE, but keep in mind … It’s also gateway to a pornographic website.

Gotta love MMA!


If this is Nieky Holzken’s next career move … I’d watch.

I am a long time fan of “Jacare,” but it’s clear that his best days are behind him at this point. Still, some great wins inside the Octagon for Ronaldo Souza!

This kid is an absolute hero. Welcome to Hasbulla Mania!

Michael Chandler breaking down his own crushing loss frame-by-frame is both smart (win or lose, breaking down your own fight footage is helpful) and a good show of humility.

This sounds like a scramble-heavy Lightweight contest — fun!

It’s always tough to tell when no-gi BJJ kingpin Gordon Ryan is trolling on social media, but he seems pretty serious about this break from competition.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Old School Rob Font Violence:

Both the video and the explanation of this submission make me uncomfortable.

I honestly forgot Brett Johns left UFC for Bellator, that’s a great pickup for their Bantamweight division.

Random Land

Some of these books seem rather inaccessible.

Midnight Music: Not the all-time classic version of “Respect,” but a good one never-the-less.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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