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Even more than usual, Conor McGregor is the center of attention in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world.

It’s surely been a difficult week for McGregor, who canceled all upcoming media obligations at the very last second just days ago, most notably a planned presser in McGregor’s home of Dublin, Ireland. No explanation was issued, other than a vague “obstacles outside of our control” from the Irish talent.

Immediately, fans were concerned that the fight was cancelled, and reports of a minor injury gained traction. The concern heightened when it was revealed UFC was sending out “feelers” for alternative main event options. Michael Chandler abandoned his fight camp in Florida to return to his home in Nashville, Tennessee, and UFC CEO Dana White refused to address the issue directly, issuing some fight announcements for a future card instead.

It’s all look very bad in the last couple days, but things are looking up. The latest report is full of positivity and optimism, and with the post above, McGregor has broken his silence … sort of. There’s no caption outside of a flexing emoji, but McGregor is all smiles and muscles sitting atop what appears to be a physical therapist or doctor’s table.

Looks like good news to me!

Fight fans — some of whom have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on UFC 303 tickets — want a more definitive caption from the Irish talent. Check out some of the reactions below:

“McGregor doesn’t pull outta fights! He’ll be there book it!”

“Bro is playing with all of our emotions”

“Peak trolling. Love it”

“Conor, is UFC 303 going down or not?!”

“Bro thinks hes the main character of ufc”

“Damn he knows how to sell a fight. He’s got everyone panicking on purpose”

Maybe McGregor is pulling a Ryan Garcia after all?


Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is making a lot of moves lately. It’s not my favorite product, but I’m glad fighters have another way to make money given the recent troubles with One Championship and PFL.

In related news, regional MMA pay is awful.


I didn’t recognize Jake Paul’s quote as Dana White’s own words — cheeky stuff from “The Problem Child.”

Who will be the first to complete the trifecta? I must admit, collegiate wrestlers have a reputation for partying hard in my experience …

Everyone agrees it’s time for Deontay Wilder to walk away, right?

Kevin Holland has realized that beating up unranked dudes in one round pays better than losing close fights to Top 10 opponents.

Trolls would be well-advised to keep their smack talk online, or Jared Cannonier is ready to hand out life lessons.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

A great moment of blending wrestling and striking!

This right hook clipped him right behind the temple. Bojkovic did well to pull back with the hook rather than fall forward.

What a gorgeous combination!

Random Land

Hamster MRI.

Midnight Music: Hip-hop, 2014

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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