Midnight Mania! UFC Return = Massive Pay Cut


UFC Fight Night: Perry v Rodriguez
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

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Mike Perry has become known as the bloodied and bruised face of Bare Knuckle boxing.

“Platinum” rose to fame and the public eye while a member of the UFC roster from 2016-2021, picking up some good names early in his career as a promising prospect. Things fell apart in the latter half of his UFC career, however, as Perry left the roster having lost four of his last five bouts.

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After his UFC stint, Bare Knuckle FC seemed like a natural fit for the heavy-handed slugger, and true to form, he’s excelled inside the ring. He’s 3-0 in bare knuckle boxing, and he also picked up a win over professional boxer Michael Seals in the Triad combat promotion. Now one of the promotion’s biggest stars, Perry finds himself with numerous potentially high-profile foes like Darren Till and Logan Paul.

There are worse positions to be in than backup to notorious pullout Dillon Danis.

Still, did Perry ever consider returning to the UFC during his brief stint as a free agent? It doesn’t sound like it was a serious consideration for the “Platinum” veteran, because signing back to the Octagon would have meant a massive pay cut.

“The pay cut would have been too massive,” Perry explained (via Cole Shelton). “So, it’s like, whatever and it’s five-minute rounds, and it’s MMA. I like boxing. I mean it’s all I ever did. I know I trained lots of stuff I would get kind of good at grappling, wrestling, or whatever in certain positions, I’m fighting a fight where they are like get a takedown.

“You know I’m thinking about hitting him right? I understand it’s not an excuse and I should ultimately fight how I want to fight,” Perry continued. “I’m the fighter, I’m the athlete, I’m the one getting in there. So, that’s how I train now I get in the ring and I fight my way now and I practice for it that way. Bare knuckle was a no-brainer.”


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