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Mike Perry wishes he would be Jake Paul’s next opponent in the boxing ring, but he’s happy to see Mike Tyson get a big payday, and perhaps turn back the clock.

Paul and Tyson will compete in a boxing match July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, headlining an event that will stream exclusively on Netflix for subscribers. Perry — who is preparing to face Thiago Alves in the main event of BKFC’s Knucklemania 4 on April 27 — gave his reaction to the booking that was officially announced on Thursday.

“I was like, damn, get that bag, Mike,” Perry told MMA Fighting on the Joshua vs. Ngannou Watch Party. “I think 57-year-old Mike Tyson is a problem for Jake. He can hurt him for sure, so let’s see if they’re allowed to knock each other out, or if only Jake is allowed. Who knows?”

As of now, it hasn’t been determined whether or not the bout will be a sanctioned pro bout, or on exhibition.

“The promoter has requested to have an event that day, but we have not received any proposed cards and thus have no details about what they are planning. All bouts are subject to review and approval by [Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation],” a TDLR spokesperson told MMA Fighting on Thursday.

The big concern amongst the combat sports community is the age difference, where Paul will be over 30 years younger than Tyson once they enter the squared circle. In Perry’s eyes, even being 58 by the time July 20 rolls around can certainly be a factor, but that doesn’t mean one of the most dangerous hitters in heavyweight boxing history can’t still deliver.

“Obviously the age difference is the biggest factor here,” Perry said. “We saw Mike against Roy Jones and he looked great. He looked like he didn’t skip a beat. I think if he comes out punching at Jake and doesn’t try to weather the young man’s storm, if he just comes out to get him and maybe take a breather every now and then if the kid can survive it … because I can see Jake running from him.

“Jake’s boxing is very point and get out of the way when he’s fighting someone who can hit him. And the last guy he fought, was of no danger, you know what I mean? So even a 57-year-old Mike Tyson still has some danger, at least Jake’s fighting a puncher this time.”

Perry has found tremendous success since he parted ways with the UFC as he’s become the face of BKFC. While “Platinum” is thrilled to be facing Alves at the promotion’s annual major event next month, Perry was still hopeful his number would get called for the chance to face Paul.

But stepping aside to watch Tyson get a big opportunity is something Perry has great interest in.

“It should be me though,” Perry said. “I should be fighting Jake, but it’s Mike Tyson, so how can I compete with that? It’ll be on Netflix and they’re doing all this marketing together. It’s good for Mike and it will be exciting because of Mike.”

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