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Mike Perry has a couple of names in mind for future fights, two names very familiar to the MMA fan base.

Perry, a fan-favorite former UFC fighter, has been enjoying plenty of success outside MMA, as his career in bareknuckle boxing has taken off. “Platinum” returns to the ring this Saturday against Thiago Alves in the main event of BKFC’s KnuckleMania 4. If successful, he would like to cross paths with former UFC fighter Darren Till or YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul.

“Darren Till and Jake Paul,” Perry told MMA Junkie when asked about potential future opponents. “Darren Till is a fat b*tch who’s been talking and not fighting. We want to make that fight happen because it’s been a long time and people want to see it, so I’d like to make it happen. So let’s make it happen, so I can punch his fat ass in the face.

“Jake Paul, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and didn’t have to go through the sh*t that I went through. I came up like a normal kid on my bike ridding around the streets, doing sports, and not doing my homework, and sh*t. Jake Paul is taking everything I worked for, so I want to fight that motherf*cker. Put me in the boxing ring.”

Although Perry is angling big fights in the future, his primary focus is this Saturday. He understands Alves is a tough challenge for him and is taking him very seriously.

“Me and Thiago are very similar in stature and size and build,” Perry said. “I believe my skills will show the differences between us, and my abilities in the boxing ring with no gloves. He is experienced to where he’s had two of these boxing matches, but he’s also been on a layoff, so his body is very well rested, and he’s super hungry for this opportunity, and he wants to come and get me for all this sh*t I’m talking, but I know I have to back this sh*t up, and I’m prepared.”

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