UFC Fight Night: Oliveira v Perry
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Eddie Alvarez was forced to quit after two rounds with Mike Perry. That’s three rounds too few, according to a game ‘Platinum.’

Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez met at BKFC56 on Saturday night to determine who the ‘King of Violence’ is in bare knuckle boxing. While Alvarez got some shots in early, Perry hung in and turned things around in the second, beating him up so badly he had to quit between rounds due to a suspected broken orbital (watch the highlights here).

It’s a familiar ending for “Platinum,” whose previous fight with Luke Rockhold was called off after Rockhold’s teeth got knocked in halfway through the second round. Now Perry wants someone who will hang in there for five rounds of war.

Asked if he respected Alvarez after a contentious lead-up to their fight, Perry shrugged.

“Yes and no,” he said (via MMA Junkie). “Because it still was another second-round victory. There were three more rounds in regulation, not to mention the sudden death. I live for this s—. I want all of it. I want somebody just like me who can meet me in the middle for five two-minute rounds. I want a fight that’s going to give me those five f—ing rounds of hell.

“It’s easy to talk, but I just did it and I was just warming up,” he added. “Four minutes, I was just getting started. There was six more minutes of hell I had to bring out. I was ready, I was just getting going.”

The last time Mike Perry got his five rounds plus sudden death was in August 2022 against Michael “Venom” Page. “Platinum” took that win, and now he’s 5-0 under bare knuckle rules. Normally that’d mean he’d get a title shot, but Perry is not enthused at the prospect of fighting David Mundell, who he’s beaten twice in MMA.

Mundell also doesn’t have the star power Perry is seeking, and while BKFC is working on fixing that, “Platinum” is looking to fight another former UFC champion for now.

“One name that didn’t come to mind that did mention before I fought Alvarez was Anthony Pettis,” Perry said. “I think that’s an amazing fight. He just beat Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match.”

“I think he’s intrigued by the bare-knuckle aspect,” he said. “I know that there’s huge opportunities. We’re creating some even. I said I want Anthony Pettis because he said he wants it and he’s ‘Mr. Showtime’ and he’s flashy.”

“But I also want a fight that isn’t going to quit.”

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