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When Brittney Palmer announced her retirement this past December, she said she was excited for the next phase of her career.

Now we know part of that phase will include more time in front of the camera. Palmer is set to star as Amanda in “Pony: Remember the Name,” a feature film about a pair of sisters who overcome the odds as dirt modified racers, a form of racetrack competition popular in the Northeast U.S.

The action movie has been filming in New Jersey and is expected to continue throughout the summer and into the fall. “Pony,” described as a “high-octane racing action film filled with intense fight sequences and inspiring triumphs,” is expected to be released in 2025 by Whitney Productions, which specializes in racing films. “Pony” is being directed by Matt Philliben.

“Stepping onto the set for my first movie felt like a place where dreams were met with reality,” Palmer said in a statement. “This new chapter post-UFC has been an exciting adventure, breathing life into my character and embracing the art of acting.”

When Palmer, who turns 37 later this month, won the Ring Card Girl of the Year award this past December at the World MMA Awards in Las Vegas, she said UFC 296 would be her final event after 16 years with the UFC and WEC before that.

Palmer has been painting for years when not representing the UFC and has held highly successful gallery shows. Many of her paintings have been part of philanthropic endeavors, and Palmer is known to have raised more than six figures for charities through her artwork.

Several months ago, Palmer posted on Instagram after she was cast in the movie.

“One door closes, and so many are opening,” Palmer said at the time. “Acting is just another way of art for me. I have two acting coaches. I’m taking it very seriously. I’m excited.”

Check out an early teaser trailer for “Pony” in the video above, and don’t miss behind-the-scenes details below.

Brittney Palmer: “Pony”

Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Brittney Palmer: “Pony” Photos Gallery Photos: Brittney Palmer through the years View 97 photos Gallery Photos: UFC, Bellator and more MMA ring card girls through the years View 332 photos

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