Retiring Robbie Lawler Reacts to “Great Job” UFC Did with Video Tribute at UFC 290


Las Vegas, NV — Robbie Lawler’s career is a wrap, and a Hollywood ending played out at UFC 290 on Saturday.

In a sport where such occurrences are rare, Lawler (30-16, 1NC) went out on a high note, delivering a crushing first-round KO victory against Niko Price at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Uppercuts and heavy blows in the clinch sealed the deal, and after just 38 seconds, Lawler got to sit back and let it all set in.

Sort of. “It hasn’t really settled in on me,” Lawler told media outlets including Cageside Press following the fight. “I’m just trying to take it all in, and thanking everyone around me for helping me get to where I am today.”

After the win, an emotional Lawler was treated to a rare sight: the UFC played a career highlight package, properly honoring the retiring former welterweight champ and fan favorite. For all the fumbles the promotion has made over the years as fighters have walked away from the sport, they got Robbie Lawler’s swan song 1000% right.

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“It’s an honor and a pleasure to frickin’ see that. Dana and the UFC did a great job of honoring me, the fans did a great job of honoring me and my career and everything I’ve given to the sport,” Lawler said in response. “I’m just happy that everyone’s embracing what I’ve tried to do. I always tried to go out there and knock people out and fight, I always enjoyed it. It’s just a long, crazy career. I’ve always loved MMA and I guess why that was why I was able to do it so long.”

Ahead of the fight, Lawler, 41, said he simply sensed the time was right to hang up the gloves. After knocking out Price in under a minute, he hinted that his body had a say in things.

“What makes this retirement pretty easy for me is that this is the first day I actually felt good during this whole camp,” said Lawler, adding “but that’s what you really want though, to try to figure out a way to be really good on one day, at your best. And I was able to do that today.”

There’s be no comeback, no foray into bareknuckle boxing or anything of the sort moving forward for Lawler. “I’m coaching and hanging out,” Lawler stated, and to know Lawler is to understand that he means it. He’ll stay in the gym, keep working out and staying healthy, but his fighting days are done. “I’m going to coach and give back to others, and guys who want to compete at a high level, I’m going to try and help them do that.”

Watch the full UFC 290 post-fight press conference with Robbie Lawler above.

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