It seems that Sean Strickland and Bryce Hall will be facing off sooner rather than later.

Sean Strickland, Bryce Hall

‘Tarzan’ is fresh off his battering of popular Rumble streamer Sneako last week. The influencer has been training in boxing for a few months now and decided to test himself against Sean Strickland at the UFC Apex. Predictably, the former middleweight champion bloodied him up.

However, Sean Strickland later came under fire by many, for continuing to punch Sneako after the towel was thrown in. Many, including Jake Paul, slammed the former UFC champion for brutalizing the streamer. Now, Bryce Hall is the latest to take aim at Strickland.

In the days since the sparring session, Bryce Hall has repeatedly slammed Sean Strickland. On X, the influencer-turned-fighter called to spar ‘Tarzan’ himself. Strickland quickly responded and agreed to the offer. However, the former UFC champion slammed Hall for attempting to arrange the sparring session through his manager.

If the sparring session gets arranged, it will likely be far more competitive than Sean Strickland vs. Sneako. Bryce Hall is far from an established professional fighter, but he is 1-0 inside the BKFC ring. The 24-year-old scored a stoppage win over the previously unbeaten Gee Perez last August.


Sean Strickland, Sneako

Image via Sneako’s stream

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland and Bryce Hall go back and forth over sparring session

“His manager called my people to set up some sparring.. and be civil about it lmao.” Sean Strickland wrote on X earlier today. “You don’t get that privilege @BryceHall. It’s in my gym, with my people and ill tell you when you’re fucking done, no time limit. no 10 count, no tap out.. I’ll tell you when you’re done…pussy..”

The 1-0 BKFC fighter quickly replied: “Obviously I’m not gonna talk to a psychopath directly to set up sparring for content; that would go nowhere. Let the people with brains do the talking because we gave u an opportunity to make some money off of it dippy”

Bryce Hall followed up on X with: “I notice Sean has only been going at influencers to fight them and threatening to “kill us” but has been real quiet when the real killers at @bareknucklefc are calling him out. How are you gonna call me a pussy when I’m going out of my way to find a way to set up a spar and you’ve been fighting for 15 years more than me? Fuckin brain dead tbh @SStricklandMMA”

In the event that Sean Strickland decides not to spar with Bryce Hall, Jake Paul remains an option. ‘The Problem Child’ called to fight the former UFC champion last week, offering him $1,000,000. While the UFC won’t grant Strickland the chance to fight Paul in the boxing ring, he showed interest in sparring him in Las Vegas.

What do you make of this news? Do you have any interest in seeing former UFC champion Sean Strickland spar with Bryce Hall?

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