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Some combat sports fans are just plain weird.

I don’t understand the appeal of buying used panties, or well-seasoned socks, and I don’t even want to talk about what happened to the poop-stained shorts worn by Justine Kish. But with the advances in genetics and DNA manipulation, some fighters could be facing a new troubling trend.

Think “Jurassic Park” but replace the dinosaurs with scantily-clad boxers like Elle Brooke.

“Some guy wanted to buy sweaty clothes, to the point where you could ring them out. Like training gear, socks, anything like that. I was just like oh man, that’s a bit unhygienic cause I work out really hard,” Brooke told “I always think, what if someone wants to clone me? Elle Brooke vs. Elle Brooke? Or make it a tag team with four of us? I’d love to do a tag-team with my sister. I sparred her recently.”

One of many downsides to clones? You never know what they’re gonna touch.

The 25 year-old Brooke is a 3-1 boxer on the influencer circuit and even has her own page on YouTube Boxing Rec (yes, it exists). Her last fight ended in a decision loss to Jully Poca under the Kingpyn banner last July, which led to allegations of “crazy mistreatment” from penny-pinching promoters.

Fortunately, her unborn children will be too busy with their Ferraris to notice.

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