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Strickland Injured During Wheelie Wipeout


Sean Strickland doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to motorcycles.

The former middleweight champion “left some of his kneecap on the road” after a horrific crash back in 2018. Other fighters, like ranked featherweight contender Movsar Evloev, have been forced to postpone fights after getting tossed from their bikes.

That’s not gonna stop “Tarzan” from perfecting his wheelie.

“Well you guys, I got a little overconfident,” Strickland said in his Instagram stories. “I was riding the Balance Point, I was doing it, I was keeping it up, kept doing it, then went a little too far back. Training today is gonna f*cking suck. But, I’m an idiot. I flipped my bike, gotta man up and train.”

Here’s pre-flip video of Strickland working on his wheelie.

UFC CEO Dana White may want to rethink this policy for active fighters.

Strickland, 33, has plenty of time to heal the injuries to his hand and leg after this week’s wipeout. The former middleweight champion, fresh off his decision victory over Paulo Costa at UFC 302, plans to sit on the sidelines until he scores the next 185-pound title shot.

Hopefully “Tarzan” doesn’t wrap himself around a utility pole between now and then.

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