UFC Fight Night: Strickland v Magomedov Weigh-in
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UFC’s former Middleweight champion really wants to hurt TikToker Bryce Hall. But, where can he do it without getting in legal trouble?

Sean Strickland is going to mess up some TikTok boxer (again) … as soon as he can find a legal place to do it.

Certainly not here.

Strickland got the Influencer scene’s attention last week, beating the snot out of some streamer named Sneako in sparring. Now, he’s going back -and-forth with a TikToker-turned boxer named Bryce Hall, who came out of nowhere to “accept” Strickland’s offer to throw down.

“If I beat you in a spar you have to do a tiktok dance,” Hall wrote on Twitter, apparently not understanding this is to the death.

“Hey you f—ing coward,” Strickland responded in Hall’s DMs. “Don’t post my screenshot and say you’re down and not message me back you f—ing worm. You’re just another lying POS influencer. There is not one ounce of man in you.”

“Please Jesus give me the strength not to catch a case if I ever see this maggot of a man in person,” he added in a tweet.

Now, Strickland seems busy trying to figure out the logistics that will allow him to beat Hall to death if the 24-year-old shows up for a fight. Oh, Jake Paul is invited to the murder meet, too.

“Can I kill Bryce Hall in Texas?” he asked on X (formerly Twitter). “Mutual combat and stand your ground state. There you go, Jake Paul. Also can you bring the million or more. You won’t be needing it after lmao. F— I wish.”

“I just wanted to spar… but I guess we’re doing a 1800’s style duel to the death,” Hall replied. “Pistols side to side and we’ll see who comes out on top.”

The whole thing is getting rather silly … and Strickland over-complicated everything with this inter-state murder plot. Strickland could have just beat him up in a hard spar, dude. Or pulled a Masvidal and sucker-punched him in a parking lot (which is apparently legal under mutual combat laws in Florida).

Now, Hall has successfully used Strickland’s name for clout, which under influencer rules means he’s won this round.

Hard truths.

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Author: Staff

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