Tatsuki Shinotsuka finished Justyn Martinez just over ninety seconds into round number one at RIZIN 46 on April 29. The fight was the first-ever bare knuckle boxing match in RIZIN history, though the promotion has frequently featured kickboxing, and even traditional boxing, in the past.

When giving his thoughts after the win and the historic nature of being in the first bare knuckle rules bout in RIZIN, Tatsuki Shinotsuka told us recently that “I feel fantastic. I always feel great… Yeah, it means everything, you know. I like new things and I constantly like trying, pushing myself and trying new things. So this makes perfect sense.”

On his path pre-bare-knuckle debut, Shintosuka went to a BKFC event in Florida. He attended with Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the RIZIN figurehead and former force behind PRIDE. It hit him right there and it resonated to Shinotsuka as something he needed to do.

The approach was more karate-centric for ‘Rude Bwoy’ leading into this fight. The decorated kickboxing champion focused on karate, mainly because of the gloveless nature of that sport which transferred well into a BKFC ruleset for him.

His opponent Justyn Martinez had four bare-knuckle boxing fights as well as MMA experience before fighting Shinotsuka. The Japanese combatant anticipated a chaotic and hectic pace from Martinez. Shinotsuka’s composure as well as shot selection paying dividends towards securing the finish in the opening frame of their bout.

RIZIN went with a mysterious angle on Justyn Martinez by not revealing him to the public prior to the fight. The promotion simply had a blacked-out outline of a fighter adorned with an X. Shinotsuka obviously knew his opponent though, that was all that mattered, and the two showed mutual respect after the fight by taking a photo together which was posted on social media thereafter.

Shinotsuka to BKFC

This is far from a one-off, curiosity thing for the 26-year-old going forward and he has his next step in mind within the sport of bare-knuckle boxing.

Tatsuki Shinotsuka stated, “Yeah, right now I’m solely focused on bare-knuckle. They told me that my next fight will be in the United States. So I’m going to go show the US crowd how badass Japanese fighters really are.”
The target for this stateside BKFC bout is tentatively slated for this Summer with a quicker turnaround possible due to the brief nature of his debut within the burgeoning sport.
Shinotsuka collected gold in kickboxing as he was the Krush featherweight champion previously. He is eyeballing another fellow RIZIN competitor in John Dodson and wants the 125-pound BKFC belt that this former UFC veteran presently holds.
Tatsuki Shinotsuka quipped, “I’m only focused on John Dodson and his [flyweight] title right now. That’s my goal, that’s my hope in BKFC.”


It’s a great time for dreams outlined for the future and appreciating dreams already accomplished for the Rizin/ BKFC star. This was evident for Shinotsuka in his last win at Rizin 45 who actualized a childhood dream into reality. He did so by taking part in the rich tradition of New Year’s Eve combat sports taking place in Japan.
While the decision win over Daichi Tomizawa was an electric one, the gloves are being shelved for the time being with a focus on fistic fireworks in his future.
For his final parting thought during our chat, Tatsuki Shinotsuki uttered, “I want to show you guys that Japanese fighters can scrap too.”

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