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The undisputed champ at 140 says he’s not calling out Tank, but he’s confident he’d crush him.

Undisputed 140 lb champion Josh Taylor is expected to return in November against a mandatory challenger, Jack Catterall, but there’s been some talk around Taylor possibly fighting Gervonta “Tank” Davis at some point, too.

Taylor (18-0, 13 KO) is fully confident not only that he’d beat Davis (25-0, 24 KO), but that he would do so rather easily.

“He is a very, very good fighter, he is very skillful,” Taylor told Boxing Social. “But he was getting out-boxed there by Mario Barrios and he hit him with that body shot and it was the start of the end.

“But listen, I’d absolutely destroy him. It’s a good fight, it’s a big fight, but I would absolutely take him to bits. I would absolutely smash him to pieces.”

Taylor also dismissed Davis promoter Leonard Ellerbe’s claims that Taylor isn’t a big enough draw, saying that if Vegas had been fully open for his May win over Jose Ramirez, he would have brought thousands of fans over from the United Kingdom for the bout.

And he also stresses that he’s not calling out Davis, but he’s a bit irked by Davis claiming to be a “champion” at 140 by virtue of beating Mario Barrios in June.

“I’m not calling him out. I just think he’s a little prick,” Taylor laughed. “But I’m not calling him out. He’s not on my radar. I’m not even thinking about him, but he cannot be calling himself a champion at 140, because there’s only one champion, and that’s myself.

“That’s the thing I hate about boxing, there’s too many belts. All these regulars belts and interim belts and diamond belts and all that, regular and super and all that. There’s only one champion at 140 lbs and that’s me. They can call themselves whatever they want, but it’s fiction. It’s fantasy. They’re not champion at 140.”

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