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The Man Who Transformed The Game: Meet Reggie “Educated Hands” Barnett Jr. – Wins At BKFC 39

In front of a packed enthusiastic hometown crowd, Chesapeake, VA’s Reggie “Educated Hands” Barnett Jr. improved to 9-2 (2 KOs) with a doctor stoppage, TKO victory over Daniel Alvarez at the end of the third round of their bantamweight fight.

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Barnett Jr. made his debut at BKFC 1 in June, 2018, and has now become the first fighter in the history of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship to compete 11 times in the Squared Circle.

He is a man of many talents, but his most impressive skill may be his ability to make it to the end of a fight, in what may have been one of the most unusual Bare Knuckle FC fights to date.

A 1st round throw down “mma style” landed Barnett Jr. sprawled out on the mat, clutching his head, as the moments passed the crowd became silent. Then cheers of “Reggie Reggie” erupted and Barnett Jr. somehow managed to regain composure and get up.

” I don’t remember much. After getting dumped on my head, I just got up and was like what? I don’t remember. I remember getting up and they asked me was I okay? And I lied my behind off because I could hear all my fans, you know, still yelling for me. And I didn’t want to let anybody down. So I was like, forget it. Let’s just fight.”

After that he suffered an eye poke and then somehow the Ref wound up tackling him which sent Barnett Jr back to the ground again. But through it all, he continued to fight back with fierce determination telling #bareknucklenews:

“Headlining right here at home was just a godsend. I’m so grateful for. And I just hope that the people who were here to witness it or the people that witnessed it from around the world know that, you know, God, God’s path, you know, I asked for direction and got it. And even in the face of adversity, you know, being knocked down and having to get back up and being knocked down, I didn’t quit. And, you know, so I got tonight I got to live my dream right here at home.

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