Unexpected Alliance: #DustinPague Wins & His New Friendship with #JoeElmore Revealed #bkfc51

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“Dustin Pague Dominates in BKFC 51! From Rivals to Drinking Buddies with Joe Elmore?”

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In an electrifying clash at BKFC 51, Dustin Pague emerged victorious over Joe Elmore in the co-main event showdown. 🥊

After lighting up the ring, Pague sat down with Bare Knuckle News, sharing, “What a battle! Stuck to my game plan, dancing around Joe’s ferocious power. Wanted to go full-on brawler, but my team kept me focused. Joe landed some, but I rode through and kept pushing him.”

But here’s where it gets interesting. Once, Pague couldn’t stand Elmore. He admitted, “I was thrown off by his online persona. But meeting him face-to-face? Total game-changer. Guy’s an entertainer, a fighter, but above all, a person with a big heart.”

Guess what? The heated rivalry turned bromance is so real now, Pague spilled, “Me and Joe? We’ll be sharing a drink. Heck, probably spending the entire night celebrating together.”

With this massive win under his belt, what’s next for Pague? “Eyeing that title! Anyone blocking my path better be ready. After defeating a beast like Joe unanimously, I’m feeling unstoppable!” 🏆💥

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00:00:00 – Sticking to the Game Plan
00:00:14 – Sticking, Moving, and Staying Away from Joe’s Power
00:00:20 – Bombing Strategy
00:00:25 – Weathering the Storm
00:00:30 – Pressure through Social Media
00:00:35 – Meeting an Entertainer in Person
00:00:40 – Falling in Love with an Awesome Guy
00:00:47 – Hanging out and celebrating with Joe
00:00:57 – Feeling Fantastic and Aiming for a Title Shot
00:01:02 – Victory over Moore – A Hard Guy to Put Down

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