Unexpected Turn of Events: #DylanWinemiller defeats local hero #SteveTownsel in Cruiserweight upset!


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In the Cruiserweight division Dylan Winemiller upset fan favorite and hometown hero Steve Townsel taking the win with a huge counter right hand stooping Townsel at 1:07 in Round 2. Before that the two traded bombs in an exciting fighting challenge between the two fighters.

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When asked about his game plan for this fight Winemiller had this to say:

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“I stuck to my game plan in first round. I had a little trouble executing. I got a little too excited. I got off base and my first round and got clipped a little bit. Other than that, I stuck to my game plan in the second and ended it. If I’d have done it in the first, it’d probably been the first.”

As far as preparation for his fight with Townsel, Winemiller says he did not do anything particular.

“I didn’t do anything specific to really prepare for him. I had some south paw training partners. I knew he was a good guy, man. I knew he was I knew he was going to bring it. And I just had a lot of really hard, long sparring sessions for him.”

Winemiller says this was definitely the biggest fight of his career and is ready to step back into the squared circle with anyone BKFC chooses for him to fight.

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