Unforgettable Battle: #RyanJett’s Thrilling Victory and #FightoftheNight #byb18

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USA’s Ryan Jett beat Martin Reffell by unanimous decision taking Fight of the Night honors as well.

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The fight was a challenge and went the full distance, with Ryan hitting his opponent with many punches, despite the opponent’s resilience. His right eye became closed during the fight, due to a good jab and hook from his opponent, which is expected in bare knuckle fighting.

Jett told us: “Yeah, he was pretty tough. Long fight went the distance. It’s been the first time in a long time. I got first round finish knockouts. I make no excuses, but this one was supposed to be the same thing too, though. Well, yeah. Oh, he caught me with a good jab and then a good hook one time also. And then, you know, it’s bare knuckle. You know the eyes. You know, they going to cut and swell up easy. So we’re not surprised.”

Both fighters showed respect for each other at the end of the fight. Ryan was not surprised by his opponent’s resistance, as he had previously seen him take shots in other fights. And the London crowd did not faze Ryan, as he was used to fighting away from home and dealing with biased audiences.

“London is beautiful. A lot of beautiful people out here. And. Yeah, man, I knew my whole like, this is I call this the second half of my fight career because I got like 16 MMA fights and I was kind of using that as like a rough draft for my boxing, you know what I’m saying? But for the most part, I was out of town fighting and hometown guys a week’s notice, ten days notice”

Representing the US was a source of pride for Ryan, who felt honored to be chosen to face top British fighters. Ryan is part of bare knuckle history and wears a medallion from his sponsor, which he plans to display in the Bare Knuckle Hall of Fame.

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