Unstoppable Force: Gee “TheCutman” Perez Sends Opponent to the Canvas 3 Times, Fight Ends Early

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Gee”The “Cutman “Perez looked spectacular dropping his opponent Ryan Carroll 3 times before the fight was stopped at 1:52 in the 1st round.

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Gee said he felt his accuracy, speed, and avoiding getting hit was the key to his victory. And credits his intelligence and approach to fighting as his key strengths.

“I knew that I had to go in there and be very accurate because I don’t want to get cut up because my next fight I want to talk about that later. But so August, I want that fight in August. So I knew I had to go in there. I had to be accurate, I had to be fast. And I knew I had to get I couldn’t get hit. I think my my intelligence and the way that I fight, I mean, I’m not going in there just just being rough. I’m going in there to do damage. You know, I’m not there to play with you”

He shares that his game plan was to stay active, use his jab, and take advantage of any opportunities to strike. Gee admits to being surprised when his opponent landed a left hook but quickly capitalized on the situation.

When #bareknucklenews asked him about the incident involving Bryce Hall at the weigh-ins, he had this to say:

“Listen, this is a fighting game. And in the ring, you’re my enemy. Outside the ring, you’re my friend. But what happened yesterday, I mean, you have to talk a little bit about that because we’re going to roll the video as you walked off from the weigh ins. So as I’m walking off, I see Bryce Hall over there.I’m like, uh, you’re my area. So I had to go walk over there and tell him what’s up. You know, like you think you’re going to come in here, I’m going to beat the crap out of this guy, and then you’re next. So he stood up and I thought he was going to do something. So before he did something, I just mushed him like, get away from me.”

Gee says her can’t wait to fight Bryce Hall and he is confident he will beat him

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