Video: Fury vs. Ngannou boxing ring rises from underneath the stage during long opening ceremony

When the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou pay-per-view main card started, there was no ring in the arena because even that deserved a grand entrance for the event being held in Saudi Arabia.

Following three undercard fights that all ended in knockouts, a massive concert started with performances from hip-hop artists Lil Baby, Becky G and Flow Dan that led to the eventual emergence of the boxing ring where the main event would be held.

It was quite a spectacle with the ring rising from underneath the stage in the middle of the performance, which was already one of the crazier moments in recent combat sports history like something straight out of Rocky IV.

The main event is actually the only fight that was scheduled to take place inside the arena that was built within the last 90 days to house the card featuring Fury vs. Ngannou. The preliminary fights and the undercard were all held outdoors in a separate staging area before the crowd eventually filtered into the arena for the main event.

It was all leading to the fight between Fury and Ngannou after a very long opening ceremony along with additional delays before the combatants finally prepared to hit the ring.

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