Alfredo Angulo was right at home in the BKFC squared circle, and once he got punched in the face a few dozen times, it woke him up completely as he finished one of the wildest fights you’ll ever see.

The former WBO interim light middleweight boxing champion faced Jeremiah Riggs in his promotional debut at Saturday’s KnuckleMania 4 event in Los Angeles. The fight started with both guys getting after it, but Riggs getting the upper hand with big shots — and even grabbing the hair of Angulo on multiple occasions during the vicious exchanges. After the first minute and change, Angulo started landing himself, and eventually sent Riggs to the canvas with a huge right hand to win the thrilling affair.

Check out videos of the incredible 93 second battle below.

Angulo notably competed in professional boxing with a record of 26-8, and was an Olympic qualifier as an amateur.

It was the first fight for the 41-year-old since August 2020, a decision loss to Vladimir Hernandez.

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