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Watch Jon Barnard’s Insane Comeback At BYB 27 ~ Post Fight Interview

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Jon Barnard stopped Harold McQueen with a barrage of punches in the third round of their main event matchup at BYB 27: Brawl in Duval on June 14th.

When speaking to BKN about where his mental strength comes from after overcoming early adversities in the beginning of this fight, Barnard said,

“So, I actually took him a little lightly. I thought I was going to be able to run through this guy. He caught me early on, I thought. We got into a little scuffle in which I thought the ref was going to kind of separate us. He took advantage of his dirty boxing and he really put it on me at that time. It was kind of hard to catch myself as he was punching me, going backwards.”

“I think it was like a flash knockdown, if anything. Then I got back up and I was like, okay, yeah, let’s go. I’m in a fight. Let’s go. So that’s all it was. It’s just a part of the game, you know? I’m always ready for all flips and turns that come with this game, you know? So, yeah.”

This McQueen clash was a lightweight title eliminator and the firefight with the BYB featherweight champion now provides Barnard a chance to become the lightweight champion of BYB Extreme.

The Hawaiian combatant felt like he showed that warrior spirit in a performance that represented redemption for the islands he proudly puts on for. Barnard feels the fire of that island warrior spirit is hard to dim out and a lot of fortitude was showcased here by him.

It was an elements driven explanation as Barnard not only discussed his fire but also his the intentions to drown McQueen here. ‘Untameable’ was talking to Harold McQueen and asking him if he was getting tired as the war waged on and he felt the BYB titleholder wilt under the pressure eventually.

The 35-year-old will be lined up with lightweight title holder Julio Tanori next time we catch Jon Barnard inside of the Mighty Trigon. Barnard hopes the bout will take place on an, as of now, hypothetical BYB Hawaii card and feels like the islands are due for some excitement of that magnitude.

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