Witness the Unstoppable Force: #MelanieShah Triumphs at #bkfc48


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The Unstoppable #MelanieShah proved she is here to stay after surviving a first round knockout by her opponent #SydneySmith , she mounted, a huge comeback to with the fight by unanimous decision.

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🔥 Dive into the riveting journey of Melanie Shah the unstoppable force in bare-knuckle boxing, as she reveals the highs and lows of her second victory! From battling a challenging opponent to the altitude to the joys and strains of being a fighter, wife, and mom – Melanie’s story is a testament to her unmatched resilience. 🥊👑 Discover how she trained, her thoughts on the future, and the support system behind her success.

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Plus the trail blazing Shah is on a powerful mission.Combat sports have long been perceived as a male-only domain, but she’s here to challenge that notion. “As I step into the squared for BKFC, I’m not just fighting for myself but for every woman who’s been told she can’t.” As a muslim herself many Muslim women are now discovering this sport through her journey, realizing that it’s not just for men.

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