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Former UFC strawweight Felice Herrig, whose last disclosed fight purse was $40,000 to show (and $40,000 to win), no longer fights because she has to.

She fights because she wants to.

That means a more relaxed schedule with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), the new home for the 37 year-old “Lil’ Bulldog” after retiring from MMA just last month. In between fights, Herrig will continue peddling feet pics on OnlyFans.

Where she’s also “raking in the dough” selling used socks, according to TMZ Sports.

“Warm and fuzzy on the inside, ninja skills on the outside!” Herrig wrote on the landing page of her subscription-based account. “LOVER and a FIGHTER. If you’re a sucker for pretty feet you’ve come to the right place.”

Like several fighters before her, including ex-UFC strawweights Paige VanZant and Bec Rawlings, among others, Herrig been able to profit independently based solely on her fame as a cage fighter, a strategy championed by this current lightweight contender.

“It’s very unfortunate to do anything out of desperation, and I feel like that’s what a lot of fighters would do for so long,” Herrig told MMA Fighting. “That’s why you do see fighters coming back from an injury [too soon]. With OnlyFans, I get paid weekly and I’m not struggling to get paid, and I can take care of my body the way a professional athlete needs to take care of their body.”

Herrig retired with an MMA record of 14-10 with four consecutive losses in her final run inside the Octagon. But like her transition to OnlyFans, “Lil’ Bulldog” was able to use her credentials with UFC to secure a new gig in the combat sports world.

“I make ridiculous money on OnlyFans,” Herrig continued. “OnlyFans made it where I’m not desperate to fight again. I actually make more money from that than I ever made in fighting — and I make good money fighting. But when you break it down to the fact that you only get paid when you fight, it does make things stressful on you when you’re not getting paid to sit on the sidelines, when you’re not being helped out.”

A date for Herrig’s BKFC debut has yet to be determined.

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