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Big Ben Rothwell Opens Up About His Huge Fight Disappointment at BKFC KnuckleMania 4

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In the world of combat sports, few fighters command the respect and fear that Ben Rothwell does. Known as “Big Ben,” the former UFC heavyweight has built a reputation for his powerful striking and relentless ground-and-pound game.

In this exclusive post fight interview with #susancingari from Bare Knuckle News ®, Rothwell expresses his frustration over his win with Todd Duffee. The fight lasted just 43 seconds due to Duffee’s injury. It was a bittersweet victory for Rothwell as he was hoping to showcase his skills and put on a performance for his loyal fans with a big knockout. A previous fight cancellation due to illness only added to his frustration.

Before the fight, Big Ben mentions there was a lot of tension and trash talking by Duffee regarding his weight, saying,

“He made a big deal about the weight. And then even for this fight, he made a post on social media saying, ‘Oh, let’s see if this guy even can make weight.'” But, Big Ben did.

So what’s next for Big Ben ? He wants a shot at Mick Terrell.

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