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Khortni Kamyron battled it out with Gabrielle Roman to a majority draw at BKFC 41.

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‘The Head Hunter’ felt like she got in a fistfight, but Kamyron was still feeling pretty good all the same during her Bare Knuckle News interview.

In response to the ringside judges delivering the verdict of a majority draw, Kamyron said,

“This is actually my first career draw. I was told in the back we should have gone for a sixth-round. I don’t know why it didn’t but, you know, it’s okay. Next time, I know to just step it up and throw a little bit more.”

This marked Kamyron’s 19th fight overall. She has fought in kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, sambo, combat sambo,and MMA. Despite the multiplicity of combat sports experience, her only pro fights have been in bare-knuckle boxing.

This was the sophomore BKFC fight for Kamyron while Roman made her bare-knuckle debut here.

Both bare-knuckle boxing fights for Kamyron were held in Denver. She garnered fight of the night last time out and had lots of takeaways for this second trip to the BKFC ring.

Kamyron still went with the methodology of having intent behind the punches. Also though, she integrated volume and a bit of aggressiveness while trying to draw more shots out of the opponent as well.

Addressing her opponent, Khortni Kamyron was a bit suprised at how game Roman was. This perception was mostly because she didn’t really know much about Gabrielle Roman due to a relative lack of background on her. Also, Double K said sometimes people are timid during their first bare-knuckle foray but this was not the case for Roman per Kamyron.

Kamyron had to adapt to a last-minute opponent change here. She found herself now facing someone shorter, quicker, and occupying an opposite stance for who she game planned for. That being said, Kamyron adjusted and had never previously boxed a southpaw which she took in stride as a learning experience.

Khortni Kamyron showed great technique as well as heart when she gutted it out and ignored her broken nose to go the full distance. Kamyron knew she had a job to do. So Kamyron figured she’d tend to the blood and the break when the fight was done.

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