Watch Robbie ‘TNT’ Kennedy’s Spinning Counter Right Hand Knockout #JackDraper!

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Watch Robbie ‘TNT’ Kennedy’s Spinning Counter Right Hand Knockout of Jack Draper!

Robbie’TNT’Kennedy knocked out #JackDraper with a spinning counter right hand that stopped the fight at 1:35 in the second round !

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#bareknucklenews spoke with #RobbieKennedy after his big debut at #bkfc37 he told us
he was excited and proud of himself for winning his BKFC debut at the #CrystalPalace.

Taking the fight with only five or six days notice, Kennedy knew weight was going to be an issue, but he wanted to prove that he is a complete fighter. “I used my speed and traditional kickboxing style, switching up between boxing and bare knuckle to be unpredictable.”

Even when I got caught with a few punches at the beginning, I stayed determined and kept using my speed to get in and out and score points.

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